Courtney Bell

My Graphic Design Portfolio


Freelance Work

Created Simple Websites for Clients at

wedding gift that was custom matted and framed - 2012

poster done for - 2012

graphics for concession trailer - 2012

business cards for concession company - 2012

logos created for concession company - 2012

bachelorette invitations - 2012

save the dates - 2012

reception cards - 2012

graduation invites for nursing program - 2012

baby shower invites - 2012

 baby shower invites - 2012

Flyer Design - 2012

Created Placemats and ads - 2011

Top 3 Logos I created for a Photography Client's new business:
this is the one she chose for her business

Another logo and business card created for a client - 2011


Something Fun...

Something fun I made for my Star Wars obsessed little brother :)  


Poster Design for Competition

Scott Joplin poster design for a cover art competition.


Some Ads From ABC Advertising

Some ads done from Feb. 2010 - Oct. 2011
Some of the borders and all the sizes are set to the specific layout of the table, so that is why the borders and shape are sometimes similar.